C8. Site Self Assessment Evaluation Tool*


Maine Health Access Foundation (MeHAF)

In January 2016, the Site Self Assessment Evaluation Tool was updated.

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To assess a site’s progress toward implementing patient/family-centered integrated care, as well as to encourage onsite staff to reflect on the changes they have made and further changes needed to deliver all components of integrated care.

April 2010
Relevant submeasures: 

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Format/data source: 

18-item site self-assessment looking at the site’s currently available integrated services for patient/family centered care and the organizational supports for practice change toward integrated services.

Development and testing: 

SSA instrument has received positive comments from MeHAF grantee sites, and pilot data collected from these sites show that it is feasible to use.

Past or validated applications: 
  • Setting: Primary Care
  • Population: Practices implementing patient centered care
  • Level of evaluation:  Department clinical practice

Scheirer, M.A., Leonard, B.A., Ronan, L., Boober, B.H. 2008, revised 2010. Site Self Assessment Tool for the Maine Health Access Foundation Integrated Care Initiative. Augusta, ME: Maine Health Access Foundation.

Adapted from the Primary Care Resources and Support for Chronic Disease Self-Management (PCRS) developed by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation Diabetes Initiative. Available at: www.diabetesinitiative.org. Accessed January 23, 2013. Also adapted from the ACIC survey developed by the MacColl Institute for Healthcare Innovation, Group Health Cooperative.


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